The Aetherium is landing on the planets again with another tournament to commemorate the annual comings and goings to it.


  • The seed is randomly generated.
  • Everything you're advised to not do in a roleplay, it's against the rules, if you fail to read this and say "It's not in the rules", it will count as an automatic disqualification, because I have no time for your systemic bullshit.
    • Shortly put, no godmodding, powerplaying, metagaming, or anything of the like.
  • Each character is allowed to use up to two summons to help them in the 1v1 bracket, but not in the multibattle brackets.
  • Sign up like this;
    • Name (Bracket 1v1)
  • or
    • Name, and Name (Bracket 2v2)
  • you can figure the rest.
  • Brackets will ultimately have different slot numbers unless demanded to expand more if we can.
  • 1v1 has 32 slots
  • 2v2 has 24 slots
  • 3v3 has 16 slots
  • And 4v4 has 8 slots.
    • You can team up with another user to enter a team, but that would just make things more complicated, in a way.
  • To prevent chat clogging, we may host this chat at a different location and chat.
  • There is an optional Diamond Arena mode for bragging rights, but do note that the Diamond Arena mode is facing my characters at their peak fighting condition, and in the form of Limitless.
    • The odds will be stacked against you, find a way to make it even, but recommended, not by OP super forms or rage forms.
    • Enter upon your own risk.
  • If you won't be active during the tournament, then don't join at all.
  • Failure to show up to a match after three times and a certain time frame will result in an automated drop out.
    • You are excused if you had an emergency (Does not include panic attacks or drama), or vacation.



  • 31 Slots left
  • Solar


  • 23 slots left
  • Solar and unknown teammate


  • 15 slots left
  • Solar and Furea twins


  • 7 slots left
  • Furea siblings