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League Reveal to Public this Friday.

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The League's rules are a slight modification of Highlander, however, the spread isn't fixed, as well as damage not being fixed. Maps and Gametype are picked entirely at the chance of a probability generator. Whereas referees will be in place running the stopwatch and stats.

General Rules

  • The team is consisted of nine versus nine people, where each member of the team is a different class than everyone else, shortly put, you may only have one Engy, one Heavy, one Scout, one Spy, one Medic, etc.
    • You may play a game with eight people if it's called for, on final rematch days, you must play with the amount that can make it.
  • Common Sense; Don't cheat
  • Map and Gametype are entirely selected upon random probability via Shodor.
  • On 5CP or 3CP, and if the game ends in stalemate, the team with more control points wins. (Unless attack and defend)
  • Games are mostly played to a first-to-three rounds won.
    • Note; Unless in cases of Attack/Defend, where if you successfully attack and successfully defend, your team wins. This is called a sweep.
    • Note; In Dustbowl and Egypt, the win-cap is raised to first-to-four.
    • Note; Gravel Pit, Junction, and Steel are all done in first-to-three.
  • Payload Race is done at a best-out-of-three. Safe for Hightower. Which is a first-to-two.
  • Arena games are played at a first-to-five.
  • KOTH are played to a first-to-three.
  • Territorial Control is played at a one-chance. If you fail to capture the base, you must start over, but if you capture the base, you win the game.
  • Special Delivery is played at a first-to-two.
  • CTF is played at a one-chance due to three caps. Which, honestly, the one-chance is played at a first-to-three.
  • Stats on teams will be recorded on wikis, as well as matches.



  • Solar (Leader, Spy)
  • Lala-Kun (Sniper)
  • Kazenookami (Scout)
  • RampantToyo (Soldier)
  • RampantToyo's sibling (Demoman)
  • The Voile Witch (Pyro)
  • LaviciousPena (Antigen; Medic)
  • Marisa Kirisame (Engineer; Substitute (if need be), Marisa Scarlet)
  • Monk the Cat (Heavy)

Yashichi Warriors

  • Fawful117 (Leader, Scout)
  • Crusherkitty (Heavy)
  • Dylanator (Engineer)
  • Sky (Soldier)
  • Lightning Twist (Demo)
  • Chaotic (Sniper)
  • Novo (Spy)

Trinity Wardens

  • Katrina (Spy, Leader)
  • Blake Liesel (Medic)
  • Shadowranger (Sniper)
  • Jet Set Ronnoc (Demo)
  • Rumia (Soldier)

Blazing Gears

  • Twister (Heavy, Leader)
  • Infinity (Pyro)

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