This is the guild management page, it will list team members for Aura Kingdom, you're supposed to stick with the levels of your group, said group may have a specific purpose to it, and will have it's own designated leader. You may wait a week for your team to get on, and then you may level on your own.

??? notes that the person doesn't have a Wikia or AK chara yet. More teams will be made as we go.

Main DPS (Rapid Strike Team)

This team, aside to dealing DPS, is notable for having members that focus on rapid close-ins and finishes, as well as fast run speeds.

  • Yama(Solar)/Furea_Yamato (Leader)
  • RampantToyo/Watatsuki_Toyo
  • ???/Watatsuki_Yori
  • Kazenookami/???
  • The Voile Witch/Hong_Meiling (Or Izayoi_Sakuya)

Main Debuff/DoT

  • Minato Arisato00/Lense_Valentine
  • ???/Jedly
  • Nights2240/Lucindia
  • Open slot
  • Open slot

Main Sniping

  • ???/???
  • ???/???
  • Open slot
  • Open slot
  • Open slot

Main Tank

  • Candro/Silvanteras
  • ???/Jasonese
  • Apothecary Liesel/Blake_Liesel
  • ???/Soteria
  • Open Slot

Secondary DPS

  • Needlemouse/???
  • Doom72/???
  • Open slot
  • Open slot
  • Open slot
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