Trinity Trinity Flag

  • The Trinity Organization
  • トリニティ (Toriniti)
Chronological Information and other facts
  • Chronologic Age: Twenty to thirty years old.
  • Flag/Notable Symbol: Three white stars, one above, two below.
  • Species: Youkai, Demons, Humans, Tengu, Kappa, as well as other races in minority.
  • Economical Focus: Technical Corporate, Benevolent Dictatorship, Communist.
  • Colors: Black and White
  • Group Focus: Paramilitary.
  • Motto: "There is no good or evil, only the Black and the White of peoples' ideals, morals, and actions."
  • Religious Focus: Mixed
  • Common Views of Population: Idealist, Philosophical.
  • Notable feats
    • Often crosses dimensions and looks upon different worlds to see how they do, observe.
    • May inhabit planets without others' prior knowledge.
    • May be about in any dimension, which is how they gather information.
    • If they find the need to, may intervene with other dimensions' affairs.
    • Has a highly efficient Infantry.
    • Revolutionized technological innovation for soldiers.
    • Largest non-country Organization in the worlds they populate.
Alternative Names/Monikers/Titles
  • Various
  • Patchouli Knowledge (Current and Indirect, Council Leader and Founder, De Jure Lead, used to Lead the Youkai)
  • Yamato Furea (Current, Military Affairs and Transdimensional Upkeep, De Facto Lead)
  • William Copernicus (Current, Sea Military Affairs, Ocean Policing)
  • Rose Valentine and Violet Loveshroud (Ambassadors, Rose keeps up morale of troops as well as makes sure the community is satisfied.)
  • Two unknown members run the Treasury.
  • Snipes (Former, Founder, Leader of Humans)
  • An unknown Founder who led the Demons.


The Organization's history is probably the most unanimous one. It was founded by three people, though the only two known would be Snipes and Patchouli Knowledge. The organization shortly grew from it's charismatic founders (Safe for Patchouli), where it then began to grow more and more due to members recruiting others, while placing a few people at the top. As such, the wealth of the Organization started to grow through influence of friends and well-placed trust in others. What was stolen from the common pool, Snipes stole back.

The Organization used it's multi-dimensional influence to set roots in many dimensions and areas, as such, it grew quickly, both in numbers, people, technology, and economy. Though they started off with few, they grew into many, and this is the large advantage. The Leaders then put these people into their respective cases where they do the best as possible, which led to the stability of the organization. Though when it came to the case of a new generation, the Organization had been shaky, until the third generation..

The Third Generation, had returned this Organization to the ways of before, everyone works to their best in a sector, in teamwork with others...and starting to once again, put it's presence in multiple dimensions, and this time, put to technological innovations, and adaptation to the future. As well as the development of magic-based technology.


The Military is fairly feared, especially when it comes to Infantry, the Infantry of the Organization are split into respective style and classes, though often through intense training. The second most feared is Trinity's extensive armory of EMPs, which allows it to level the playing field by not only knocking out satellites and sensors, but to create problems with vehicular warfare as well, as well as enemies too reliant on technology, especially plasma-based guns or laser weaponry, which makes it overall, the most adaptable military, and which is probably why they do use bullets, still.

Their Navy is likely the weaker sector, up until Will Copernicus has revolutionized it, which left Aerospace their only eyesore...something which Yamato has attempted to fix with an alliance of the Lunar Republic.

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