Tenshi Furea

  • Tenshi Furea
  • フレア 天使 (Furea Tenshi)
Chronological and Physical Info
  • Chronologic Age: Twenty-eight
  • Birthdate: Unknown
  • Physical Age: Twenty-one
  • Species: Youkai Witch (Formerly Auriseld Witch)
  • Weight: 173 lbs
  • Height: 5'10
  • Physical Build: Muscular, Athletic
  • Gender: Female
  • Skin: Tan
  • Hair: Violet, dyed black.
  • Eyes: Lightning Blue
  • Blood Type: Not analyzed
  • Distinguishable Features
    • Has a right arm with a few scars
Alternative Names/Monikers/Titles
  • The Northern Wind
  • The Monochromatic Devil
  • Scarlet Devil Mansion (Pre-Gensokyo move)
Related to
Love Interest(s)
  • None, known aside to her showing interest in Takai
  • Other members of the Spire
  • Anyone who decides to pick a fight
  • Unknown
  • Solar/Black Dragon Sol/The Black Dragon of Orihara (June 2012-Present)
English VA
  • None known
Seiyuu (JP CN)
  • None known


  • Having been known as the Monochromatic Devil, Tenshi is well renowned for her abilities with eastern-style blades. Born as the eldest of the Furea siblings, Tenshi is technically the true head honcho, whereas Solar only really takes over the role as Tenshi travels the world as a vagrant. In her past, she was present during the abandonment of her younger siblings, something which odes to why she disowns her mother. Through her travels, not only she's been able to find her siblings, but has also found numerous alcoholic beverages, which she proceeded to sample when she became of age.

Despite being one of the strongest swordswomen to date in Trinity's worlds, Tenshi's life has been uneventful compared to her sisters' and brother's own lives. She simply travels the world to fight swordfighters and sample a drink, whilst being a wanderer and using the money that she's won in bets against numerous men who dare challenged her. As well as in other rare cases, mercenary work.


Despite training her body to it's limit, Tenshi's wits seem to be as sharp as the weapons in her arsenal. She's about as much as a smartass as her younger brother, though has the bite to back it up. Her attitude is often in the light of being boisterous but also cheerful and well-spirited. Her nomadic way of life leaves her to view things in a positive note without much trouble either. Despite this, she can also be rather vulgar and as a result, could come off as disrespectful to one's culture or manners. Tenshi also has a habit of flirting with girls who catch her fancy, but those who catch more than just her fancy would result in her trying to court them. Tenshi also acts with a bit of sexism towards males.


Tenshi uses basic weaponry safe for her Nodachi, Kagutsuchi, which is fire imbued.


Tenshi has a body trained at the peak of physical style, despite being unable to use magic, she makes up for being a wickedly fast opponent along with being just as strong to compliment an athelete's build, aside to having a good physical body, Tenshi's also capable of using ki and chi.

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