Moon Rabbits (月 の ウサギ Lit. Tsuki no Usagi "Rabbit of (the) Moon", Touhou wise: 玉兎, Gyokuto, literally "jade rabbit"), otherwise known as Lunar Rabbits, are an indigenous species of Rabbit that originates from the Dark Side Moon. They are often described to look human like, and would have actual rabbit ears and tails, dominantly of white color. Many people tend to think that it simply looks like attachments when the rabbit ears and tails are actually real appendages. Though due to their species, Moon Rabbits are just often kept as pets to the Lunarians, particularly since they can also take a simple form of a Rabbit. The shade of Moon Rabbits' hair tends to go about with shades of blue and purple, where the eyes of the rabbit is usually almost always red. Although there is, in some rare cases ( Inari Inaba), golden or other color eyes.

Moon Rabbits are often under servitude to Lunarians as soldiers, and servants, but are still counted as citizens to the Lunar Republic, and Lunar Rabbits can also be high of rank in The Lunar Defense Corps. They have also been proven to be widely capable as soldiers, being both capable of not only Psionicry, but Magic usage as well, but due to their appearance, they are often left underestimated for the damage that they can do, often if they are, it results in a massive loss for the opposition. Moon Rabbits are known to live drastically longer, and can take more punishment than their Earth cousins.

Notable Moon Rabbits include Reisen Udongein Inaba, Reisen II, and Inari Inaba


It's unknown what Moon Rabbits usually worship, if they do worship, but it is known technically due to serving the Lunarians, they serve under the God Tsukuyomi. Aside to that, Lunar Rabbits are known to pound mochi with large hammers like their Earth cousins. Despite this; however, Lunar Rabbits don't use the hammers as weapons like said cousins, and most commonly, since they are thought to be conscripted into the Lunar Defense Corps, they are known to have some proficiency with firearms. It's also known that some Moon Rabbits attempt to escape, usually with the punishment being a Lunarian's pet if caught, whereas the reasons are various.

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