Or could be more accurately termed area wear, this page explains the different styled uniforms for biomes used by The Organization.



The uniform consists of;

  • A weatherproof Trenchcoat
  • Any type of formal wear below
  • Arm, Knee, and Upper Torso armor (Preserver lacks the upper torso always, instead uses a light kevlar vest)
  • Slacks
  • Dress shoes
  • Standard Backpack


The soldier's uniform is replaced with that of a two-layered greatcoat instead of a standard Trenchcoat, the half-visor is instead replaced by obsidianate goggles (Full visor isn't replaced for Preservers) , as well as a balaclava (Unless the area is that of indoors or in town.), as well as two-layered slacks. The standard dress shoes are replaced by that of fake fur-lined snowboots. The gloves are instead full instead to tipless, and are more of snowboard gloves, lined white. Unlike the standard Trinitarian uniform, this uniform has less of a trim of white. This still retains the armor


The uniform is of faded black and white, where a field cap and sunglasses replace the standard hat and half-visor (Full visor isn't replaced, for Preservers). The coat is instead replaced by a cargo adaptation of a dress shirt, often pushed/rolled up to the elbow with it's sleeves. They instead wear weatherproofed leggings instead of slacks, as well as hiking boots. All but the Torso armor is used with this.


The outfit consists of the same as the Urban, but the coat's and formal wear's sleeves are pushed up, the slacks are instead replaced with black cargo pants, and the dress shoes are replaced with waterproof hiking boots. The standard hat is replaced with a boonie hat.


The uniform is the same as Urban, but it is somewhat belted together to avoid free-flow of the uniform, safe for after the end of the upper torso, the soldier's hat and (half-)visor is instead replaced by a helmet, Presevers' helmet is a full view one, where a Fencer's own is half. An Oxygen Tank is placed somewhere for some soldiers, usually stowed under the coat or into the standard pack, for the respirator to the helmet.

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