OverDrive (オーバードライブ Ōbādoraibu) is a term for entering a state that allows use of further skills as well as to be in a more powerful state, Trinity members are well known in using this sort of ability and style. Typically in order to finish or step the fight up a notch, it also disables limits on attacks, and can do various other things depending on what type or level it is. The types of OverDrives are below.


EX is a Overdrive that causes you to change your hair color along with your eyes and sometimes clothing, most of the time you appear to have red eyes and darken black hair, or a darker version of your original hair color, let's use EX Rumia for a example, she has a darken Dress, and a Blade, along with a dark mist around her body, though her hair doesn't change color pallets, though it does appear to be a little darker.


OverLimit is used as another term, but works out differently than the OverDrive, it's known to have eight levels in storage for it's Gauge, but one can only release four at once. Higher levels give more access to more abilities, though the difference on OverLimit is that these higher level higher performances on attacks that can be done at Level 1. OverLimits were generated by blocks, taking damage, or dealing damage, it can also automatically happen through combo generation if the person has that specific skill line.

Trinitarian OverDrive

The Trinitarian OverDrive Gauge, aside to the OverLimit Gauge, is a successor to the OverLimit Gauge for The Organization, while performing the same as the OverLimit, it has no levels, but all abilities are performed at their best. Another difference is that it is unique with each individual, and all can last at different time intervals, such as Yamato Furea's being when he decreases to at least thirty percent of his own standing position, and would last until the end, and Lense Valentine's being when he takes at least twenty-five percent damage intervals, safe for his last, which is fifteen percent damage, but would last only for about three turns. The Trinitarian OverDrive also gives people different effects, the known effects are listed here;

  • Yamato- Yuguretsuki Dragon Familiar, which will assist with combos and also have it's own attacks.
  • Lense- Won't flinch on damage, Physical Defense and Attack raised.