Note: This character is retconned from Black&White out of her creator's disassociation with the group. This is kept for archival purposes. For the middle Lelander sibling now, look at Tryloisia Lelander

Kestrel Lelander

  • Kesley 'Kestrel' Lelander
  • レランドル ストレル (Rerandoru Kesutoreru)
Chronological and Physical Info
  • Chronologic Age: Twenty-one
  • Physical Age: Eighteen
  • Species: Nekomata
  • Weight: Kept secret
  • Height: 5'2
  • Physical Build: Slim, Slender
  • Gender: Female
  • Skin: Lightly tanned
  • Hair: Platinum Blonde
  • Eyes: Orange
  • Blood Type: Unknown
  • Distinguishable Features
    • Wears a gas mask around her neck.
Alternative Names/Monikers/Titles
  • Kestrel (Preferred name)
  • Reaper
  • Unknown
Related to
Love Interest(s)
  • Unknown
  • Trinity itself
  • Anyone who decides to pick a fight
  • Sunset Kingdom (Defeated)
  • JKirk Empire (Defeated)
  • Unknown


Kesley 'Kestrel' Lelander is the second-to youngest sister of the Lelander family in biological terms, unlike her older sisters, she's been more of interested into modern technology, and wouldn't be found without her smartphone and laptop. She's made her way through in fame by being a highly experienced hacker, being able to snatch thousands' personal data if given the time to do it. She had a tendency to practice on others' equipment and would keep doing so, despite being asked not to. Through this repeated practice, she built up her skills. She then shortly became a mercenary for hire, usually bringing down small organized groups via hacking and combat training

Due to recent conflicts, Esailia, as prime leader of the family, has chosen to keep all data of their homeland erased, therefore not much is known of where they're from.

How Kestrel rose up in rankings of the Organization is that she is a somewhat close friend of Solar, the "Black Dragon", as well as being the informant that's helped him find his biological mother. Being an accomplished hacker, she shared her secrets with some of the non-combatants of Trinity's military. Now, she leads a squad of Jesters (despite being Court Joker of Trinity) and a squad of Jokers, mainly in hacking the defenses and equipment of the enemy and make things haywire, while the Jokers would roam over if she's in active combat.


Kestrel, unlike her older sister Esailia, is more of serious and not that chatty, she's rather silent, hardworking, as well as being patient, and precise. She's like a silent hunter, waiting for an opening to exploit (which may as well come from her cat genes as a Nekomata), she keeps her mouth shut about her hacking activities, safe for a select few, and does an exceptionally well job upon it. Having two devices, mainly light-weight for quick movement, allows her to complement her movement with her intuition.

Combatual Weapons

Kestrel wields a suppressed H&K UMP .45 with an ACOG scope, as well as a scoped Raging Bull with armor piercing magnums, and a muzzle break. Kestrel is properly trained in military combat, and knows CQC, but has combined it in use with acrobatics. In terms of technicality, her computer and her smartphone have been capable of being weapons for combat, although only in terms of over-the-net combat.

Perhaps the most dangerous of Kestrel's weapons however, would be the Reaper Drone.

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