• The Black Dragon of Orihara

    The Aetherium has landed for it's annual visit this time. This means the tournaments are at their biggest activity. The Diamond Arena, as ever, is taking new challengers. Ask Sol for Diamond Arena details.

    Originally, the Aetherium Tournament in it's first and second years, have been held as a means to determine the strongest within Trinity's ranks, therefore whoever had won would prove their regiment or citystate to be the best compared to its' fellows. Whether or not it's the means of a way to determine the ruler is entirely up to debate, or if it's just a series of battlesports to show their muscle, the entire reason as towards the Aetherium Tournaments' holdings have been up to debate, and it's unknown whether or not the case is the sam…

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  • Chica Nunnally


    December 30, 2016 by Chica Nunnally

    Have things changed here that much? Geesh, I haven't been active here in a long time.

    Cerah: Have you forgotten me?!

    Don't worry, Cerah, I'll do something with you soon enough.

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  • The Black Dragon of Orihara

    As you all may have noticed, the chatroom is no longer present. Why? We have a Discord, it's a lot more active. Ask me for an invite. I won't have a permanent link.

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  • The Black Dragon of Orihara


    Main Sign Up Portal

    Anyways, it's only so much as a concept, you wake up, faintly reminiscing you were someone else, and the world you lived in was definitely changed Everyone seems to have a slight memory of what their previous world was, and all of you had come from the same place, though things have changed, your looks, your skills, even your species, everyone was left confused and in a daze as all of a sudden, everything changed The world around them looked like an ephemeral dream, but for whatever reason, they just can't wake up

    Reports l…

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  • Joshua the Hedgehog

    Its that time, everyone! The Rules and the Sign-Up Sheet for the 1st Annual Jkirk Games are here. First up, I will display the rules, and then the sheet.

    Edit: Non-Lethal Gladiator has been taken out of the Jkirk Games.

    1. As Always in Roleplays, No Godmodding, Metagaming, and Powerplaying 2. Since this is taking place in the Jkirk Federations Database Wiki, you have to follow the Wiki Rules, shown here: [[1]] 3. You are allowed 3 Characters MAX to participate in the Games. Though, 1 Character is recommended.... If they are a part of a Faction, then list their Faction they are apart of. 4. Do not Auto-Hit (meaning, do not automatically hit a Home-Run, a Strike, and so on. If anyone shows signs of this, then they are disqualified for that mat…

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  • Joshua the Hedgehog

    Upcoming Event.

    September 15, 2015 by Joshua the Hedgehog

    This is Joshua the Hedgehog, Faction Leader of The Jkirk Federations, and there is an upcoming event that may happen soon, or probably a very long time. Over at Genesis City, the Capital of Mobius for Jkirk Federations, in Eastern Mobius, the Faction Leader is hosting the 1st Annual Jkirk Games!

    The Event will include competitors from various factions or planets, competing in a wide variety of Games, including Baseball, Bowling, Football, Basketball, Archery, Dodgeball, and Non-lethal Gladiator.

    The Sign-up Sheet is NOT operational yet, but a separate Blog post will describe the competitors.

    The Games will be hosted on The Jkirk Federations Database wiki, in the Chatroom. If anyone leaves during a Game, they will be automatically disqualifie…

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  • The Black Dragon of Orihara


    The Aetherium is landing on the planets again with another tournament to commemorate the annual comings and goings to it.

    • The seed is randomly generated.
    • Everything you're advised to not do in a roleplay, it's against the rules, if you fail to read this and say "It's not in the rules", it will count as an automatic disqualification, because I have no time for your systemic bullshit.
      • Shortly put, no godmodding, powerplaying, metagaming, or anything of the like.
    • Each character is allowed to use up to two summons to help them in the 1v1 bracket, but not in the multibattle brackets.
    • Sign up like this;
      • Name (Bracket 1v1)
    • or
      • Name, and Name (Bracket 2v2)
    • you can figure the rest.
    • Brackets will ultimately ha…

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  • SolariusFlare

    TF2 League

    September 23, 2014 by SolariusFlare

    Typically reviving this idea..

    League Reveal to Public this Friday.

    Get Steam here

    Get TF2 here

    Both of these are for free.

    The League's rules are a slight modification of Highlander, however, the spread isn't fixed, as well as damage not being fixed. Maps and Gametype are picked entirely at the chance of a probability generator. Whereas referees will be in place running the stopwatch and stats.

    • The team is consisted of nine versus nine people, where each member of the team is a different class than everyone else, shortly put, you may only have one Engy, one Heavy, one Scout, one Spy, one Medic, etc.
      • You may play a game with eight people if it's called for, on final rematch days, you must play with the amount that can make it.
    • Common Sense; Don't c…

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  • SolariusFlare

    Aura Kingdom Group

    August 13, 2014 by SolariusFlare

    This is the guild management page, it will list team members for Aura Kingdom, you're supposed to stick with the levels of your group, said group may have a specific purpose to it, and will have it's own designated leader. You may wait a week for your team to get on, and then you may level on your own.

    ??? notes that the person doesn't have a Wikia or AK chara yet. More teams will be made as we go.

    This team, aside to dealing DPS, is notable for having members that focus on rapid close-ins and finishes, as well as fast run speeds.

    • Yama(Solar)/Furea_Yamato (Leader)
    • RampantToyo/Watatsuki_Toyo
    • ???/Watatsuki_Yori
    • Kazenookami/???
    • The Voile Witch/Hong_Meiling (Or Izayoi_Sakuya)

    • Minato Arisato00/Lense_Valentine
    • ???/Jedly
    • Nights2240/Lucindia
    • Open slot
    • Open sl…

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  • SolariusFlare

    Regarding Policy

    August 6, 2014 by SolariusFlare

    What rules should we have, other than the usual RP and Wiki rules?

    Or suggestions for pages, wtfever?

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  • SolariusFlare

    I got a job, who knew?

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  • SolariusFlare

    Special Notice; This will cross with the internet, so people from other areas, stories, and continuities may attend.

    The Aetherium Gunship is holding it's second tournament, with revised rules in tow. It has three types of tournaments, as well as a challenge mode for the fighters who think they're the best. 1v1, 2v2, and 4v4. 4v4 Has eight slots, 2v2 has sixteen, and 1v1 has thirty-two. The tournament bracket will be supplied by Challonge, and score will be on what the spectators vote on battle proficiency. There will also be a losers' bracket for the main bracket, where the groups all except first and second place will participate. The chat will take place on the Black&White Chat, or SFCW and SFW's own. Do note that some users may prefer t…

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